Refractive VR
XR environemnt for metawellness experience at Re+fractive.VR

Metawellness XR exploration for metaverse


RE+Fractive. VR is an attempt to explore a meta-wellness XR environement that can be navigated fully via 3rd person experience.


Urszula Zwierzynska

Ipek Yilmaz

Zouha Jabal

Year: 2022

About Re+ Fractive.VR

Refractive.VR is a virtual space for visitors that inspires an inner journey and embodies a meta wellness experience. The design journey started by trying to define first what meta wellness could mean. Wellness as an active process through which people become more aware  

of themselves and helps them to make choices towards a more successful existence, was the steering axis of the project. This ideology is used as a pattern for our VR experience that we want to offer.Starting from this idea, multiple resulting core concepts were developed such as :        

Zero gravity

– because it is a virtual environment. We could take advantage of that fact.

refractive vr

Light fraction

 – brings a spectrum of colors, and colors are a vibration of different emotions.

refractive vr ramps


– related to safety, mother’s womb, a place where we feel the closeness.

Holistic, peacefulness

– as emotions

Mind, body & soul

– because this is what wellness is addressing on a human scale

refractive vr experience


– as a way to think of a meta experience.


The final concept is based on one hand on three bubbles, representing different dimensions of wellness: body, mind and soul experiences. Floating bubbles are spread on different levels and can be navigated via ramps.

They are not connected with each other but offer a separate experience. On the
other hand, a composition of walkable ramps whose first base was changed into water, allow the avatar
to explore the plot on both sides of the high street.


Two U-shaped towers, each holding a bubble inside, leaving a third bubble flying in the center as shown here. The bubbles can be accessed through the tower’s base, through an unordinary journey where the avatars are teleported.

For a finishing touch, we sculpted the tower’s facades, created openings for the three bubbles and added holograms that ring the towers and the bubbles to alter the sensory and spatial experience of the environment. The dynamic nature of the holograms shifts and refreshes the way we conceptualize and experience architecture.

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