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REfractive.VR meta wellness VR space

refractive vr experience

XR environemnt for metawellness experience at Re+fractive.VR Metawellness XR exploration for metaverse PROPOSAL RE+Fractive. VR is an attempt to explore a meta-wellness XR environement that can be navigated fully via 3rd person experience. Researchers: Urszula Zwierzynska Ipek Yilmaz Zouha Jabal Year: 2022 About Re+ Fractive.VR Refractive.VR is a virtual space for visitors that inspires an […]

Xilium.XR, a transition experience between metaverses

Xilium XR networked environment

Experience more… Logging in and out is more than just a click. Position XILIUM (referring to mycelium, the root-like structure of a fungus) dives into the realm between virtual worlds, into the realm of transitions and metaphorical synapses. Because logging in and out is more than just a click we are exploring here how the […]

SON:US Spaces for Digital Creators

sonus spaces for digital creators

Fully Parametric Staircase Design Made for SPACE, evolved for EARTH PROPOSAL A proposal of a parametric staircase design made of biodegradable composites. Researcher: Urszula Zwierzynska Year: 2021

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